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April 25 - 28, 2018
Renaissance Phoenix Glendale

Educational Sessions


Patient Blood Management

Treatment of Bleeding Disorders

Regulatory and Policy Changes 

Rich Gammon, 

CBBS Ledin Award Lecture
Alice Chen, Anil Panigrah
Barbara Bryant, Kathleen Sazama


Innovations/Cellular Therapy

Case Studies

Steven Kleinman

CBBS Perkins-Garratty Award Lecture
Shibani Pati, Suchi Pandey
Richard Gammon, Tiffany Roerich Wafford, MLS,SBB(ASCP), UCSF, Stanford

Pathogen-reduced Platelets Implementation

Collaborations Between Blood Center and Transfusion Service

T/S Award Lecture

Mary Berg, Dawn Ward
Tho Pham, Samantha Ngamsuntikul
Geoff Daniels

SCABB Award Lecture


Creating an Engaged Workforce

Hiring/Generational Management

Lisa Robinson
 Steve Ferraiuolo, Rob Van Tuyle, James Giacoletti

Leadership/Succession Planning

Customer Service

PJ Geraghty
Laura Eickhoff


Reportable or Not

Change Control & Validation

Adrienne Mendoza, CQA, CSSGB, Ann Sintef
Mary A. Lieb MT(ASCP)SBB, CQA(ASQ), Karen Dosanih

Employee Safety 

Error Proofing 

Karen Dasanjh
Rick Chatelain, Michelle Roberson, Tate Stevens


Round Table: How to Increase Appointments; Targeting New Donors; Social Media

 BioLinked/ Global Blood Fund Program/ Thank the Donor Program 

Charles Mooney, MBA, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB
6-Sigma Black Belt
Erin Frye,  Tirzah Zielinski

Community Leadership from a
Volunteer Perspective

Iron Mitigation from the Recruitment Perspective

Joe Ayer, MBA,  Ashley Herman
Jonathan A. Hughes, MD 


Improving Donor/Patient Safety in High Volumne Apheresis Donations

Ethics in Apheresis

​Theraputic Apheresis Case Studies

Jill Adamski, Theresa Kainard

Suchi Pandey, MD
Paul Eastvold, MD, MT(ASCP),  Liz Rosenbaum-Marinaro, MD,  Peggy S. Reid, RN

CVC Care and Nursing Best Practices (CLABIS)

Photopheresis in the Blood Bank Setting

Leukodepletions using the Optia/Saying Goodbye to the Spectra

Marlena Burton

Mindi Johnson, BS, RN, HP
Paul Eastvold, MD, MT(ASCP)

Short Term and Long Term Complications of Apheresis Donors

Jonathan Hughes